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“You know that there is no guarantee that I will ever allow you to see my daughter again even if she still wants to see you after her punishment? “You understand that Sara will hear you get punished and will hear you cry?” Jim gulped, and squeaked “y-y-y yes sir.” (but he silently vowed that no sounds would escape his lips) “This is your absolutely last chance to change your mind!

I think that your mother will agree that you should prepare yourself to be punished, we will be up in a bit to deal with you.” Already sobbing, Sara fled to her room.Jim was horrified at this turn of events, “Please Mr.Knowing that they were both in big trouble, the kids suddenly seemed wide awake and stone sober.Arriving back at the house, Sam called Jim’s father to tell him that both his car and his son were safe and that he would call back with the particulars soon.It was their 16-year-old daughter Sara’s first “real” date; meaning a date that involved her alone with her boyfriend Jim in his car.

They were supposed to go to the game at the schoolyard, go to the drive-in burger place to meet friends after the game, and be home by p.m. Sam knew the game was always over by 10 p.m., the entire trip was less than two miles, and they could even have walked home by now.

Sam walked to the privacy of his bedroom, picked up the extension telephone and called Jim’s father (who happened to be a childhood friend).

Sam filled him in on what the kids had done, of his tentative plans for Sara’s punishment and of Jim’s offer to accept the same punishment from Sam.

“Okay, Jim,” he said, “This is your one chance to back out.” “Do you want the same punishment that Sara is going to get or would you like me to drive you home right now?

” Jim said that he would stay and “face the music.”Sam turned to Jan and suggested that she go upstairs and check on Sara while he talked further with Jim.

Jim’s father immediately agreed that this was one case where Jim could have exactly what he wanted.