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The upper also features a knobbly-feel surface, helping to aid the player’s first touch.Finally, the off-centre lacing helps to create a large ball-striking area on the upper face.

Buy now At £50 the Esito Classico boots are excellent value for money and recall a simpler time when players didn’t wear futuristic-looking moonboots.There’s nothing brash or overcomplicated about these boots: sturdy leather with soft padded elements, metal-tipped studs and the smallest of tongues. As a result, they aren’t as snug as some of the other options on the list and are a lot heavier – but this won’t hamper your touch or turning abilities. Buy now These are from the same release as the Pure Control, but for a completely different type of player.Buy now In the latest model to grace the Hypervenom series, Nike has focused on creating a boot for attackers – with considerable success.The entire upper portion of the boot is made of Nike’s Flyknit material, creating a lightweight feel that helps you get all the way up to maximum speed.This is another boot built for the wingers and strikers in the team, with the knitted layer and the stiffened soleplate (the insole) helping to increase acceleration off the mark.

The Furon is also one of the more affordable boots on the market, with the top-of-the-range model still coming in at under £100.

Passing and long-range shooting are made easier with the woven outer layer, giving the player a greater feel for the ball.

The laceless design again allows for an improved touch to give a sock-like feel. The Visaro is one of the more robust boots on the list with its moulded, synthetic upper layer providing a lightweight comfort and durability that perhaps is not offered by others.

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Taking part in a series of Sunday League fixtures over the summer, we paid attention to comfort, fit, touch, weight, running ability and general aesthetics, to give you the definitive lowdown on which pair of wheels will best fit your engine for the season ahead.