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I went to this only because I couldn't get into the movie I came to the theater for.I don't know Dane Cook's stand-up and hated him in the overrated Dan In Real Life.When she tells him she just wants to be friends, he hires his roommate Tank, a fast-talking, amoral scoundrel who has a side business: men whose women have dumped them hire Tank to take their ex-girlfriends out on the date from Hell, to drive the women back into their old boyfriends' arms.

The movie is raucous fun from then on until the end.I thought Alec Baldwin was absurdly funny as the Women's Studies professor who is Cook's father. Cook's former client who is about to marry Kate's sister is also hilarious as is she and the woman playing Kate's mother.i don't want to spoil the inspired gags in this sequence, but I was nearly rolling in the aisles.This victim actually winds up setting the stage for a few plot twists I didn't expect.Dating abuse or dating violence is defined as the perpetration or threat of an act of violence by at least one member of an unmarried couple on the other member within the context of dating or courtship.

It is also when one partner tries to maintain power and control over the other through abuse/violence.

More complications ensue as the wedding of Alexis's sister approaches.

Tank seeks advice from his father, Dustin pursues Alexis, and questions of self-worth need answers.

Then, the movie goes a bit soft,conventional, and derivative -- but is still witty at the end, and the last two scenes play out nicely.

This is not a piece of art, but if you ever went to frat parties and can remember having fun at them and want to spend some time laughing out loud, give My Best Friend's Girl a look.

She gets under his skin, but he stays in denial, leading to his next assignment which to me was the high point of the movie.