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According to new research, an estimated 655,000 single women in the UK would prefer to date a mature divorced man rather than someone younger than themselves, which means that more than half a million women are interested in having a relationship with divorced men.

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Men die five years earlier than women – so there's a smaller dating pool." Although television shows such as Sex and the City and Cougar Town, which stars Courteney Cox, have helped to popularise the cougar phenomenon, Mr Gosse said older women have been "victimised by our youth-obsessed society".

He added: "Age discrimination is perhaps the most pervasive prejudice in society." He wants cougar dating – 40-year-olds who go out with younger men – to become the norm.

I’m very happy to talk about my past but I also talk about my future because I believe I have one. If you are a single guy in his 30s dating a peer-group female she will generally want to know where it is going in terms of marriage and babies, which is not always what the man wants.

They ask my advice about relationship issues with younger women and we’ll talk about modern culture. Dating an older woman releases them from the tension of those questions and demands.

Mr Gosse added: "Dr Dunn correctly concluded that women prefer older men. Women have consistently preferred older men for thousands of years.

But his study only covered preferences, not who these women actually are dating.In fact, it carries a connotation of the woman being sexy, if a little predatory The term PUMA should not be confused with COUGAR, which describes a woman in her 40s seeking sexual relationships with younger men (or even JAGUAR, which describes women who are 50 ).PUMA is one of several animal-related terms that have emerged to describe the age difference between male and female partners.Younger men became my choice du soir after a 19-year-old seduced me on a ski trip in the Alps.Now I’m 65 and it is still primarily younger men with whom I have consorted for the past 25 years.I do have plenty of same-age male friends with whom I like to go to the theatre and concerts but whereas with older men I like to go out, with the younger men I like to stay in. We give each other our best when we are together – no dirty socks, no whingeing – and that’s what keeps it fresh. PREVIOUSLY married men tend to understand about homework, the school run, food preparation, putting the bins out, laundry and housework.