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My wife and I and my best friend Eric and his wife Dana got out for a weekend ride, leaving Saturday and getting back on Sunday.We followed the Mississippi river north on the Minnesota side and came home on the Wisconsin side.

I also liked the fact that she was blushing so much even her chest was turning red. As we got dressed to walk back to our room my wife left her bra and panties off. As she kissed me back I undid her jeans and slipped my hand down to her pussy as I kissed her again.

Dana put on a shirt before we opened the door to leave. She let me finger her wet pussy for a second before saying lets get back to the room first.

I was hoping to add another story to the sex in the same room thread but that hasn't quite worked out yet.

We actually planned this trip so we reserved (separate) hotel rooms.

Over the past 15 years, this has led to at least a dozen different evenings with this couple where some or usually all of us end up naked. There might be one more thing to bet...losing another hand means she gets shaved bald.

Of course this means no one is shaved at the start, but that could be arranged. We had about ten folks in the game - singles and couples. Each person was allowed 4 items of clothing - two on top - two on bottom - shoes, jewelry didn't count.

I should mention Eric is one of the few friends that has seen my wife naked, skinny dipping on a camping trip over 20 years ago.

After dinner and drinks at a nearby sports bar we walked back to the hotel.

She asked my wife what she thought and my wife answered well, I will if you will.

A little more back and forth and both girls agreed. Fast forward, and Eric is naked, Dana is down to her white cotton granny panties, I'm in my boxers and my wife is in a white bra and black thong.

She did humor me on the way by not stopping me as I pushed her jeans down to expose her ass.