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The fragrance is announced as luscious and sexy, opening with sparkling fruity notes connected to its ultra-feminine floral heart and the base of musk, woods and marshmallow accord. The bottle is also the cutest in perfume bottle history! I too think it's one of the better done celebrity fragrances out and one of the only celebrity fragrances I've tried that really has decent longevity.

Every now and again i too need to feel young n fun and wear something colurful and sunny; that includes the perfume i wear Ok so my bottle came today, so time for update: I didnt realise i bought a tester and lucky for me its still clearly full to the top, unlucky for me though there is no lid.It does remindme of a stronger royal desire by christina Aguilera, with better longevity, so theres a plus there.One other thing that I like is the cool bottle, it's a pleasure to behold that lovely pinkish purplish liquid in a heavy spiky glass bottle, it's super substantial feeling.The rounded spiky glass is just cool and beautifully juxtaposed with a soft fluffy Pom Pom that I wished was softer and more squeezable.Even with my dry skin in the cold mountain weather! I'll be looking forward to testing her other frags soon.

This is probably one of the most WELL DONE celebrity gourmand scent out there being it is one of the newest celeb perfume which was released.

Also the lilac graphic on the boxes are just a lovely detail.

I bought this in a Walmart gift set, so my bottle was a mini. I like to imagine this scent as the marshmallow hug you receive from your beautiful, Italian girlfriend as she builds you a mansion out of whipped cream.

The smell is really floran, but also sweet without smelling too manufactured. The pear, raspberries and citrus just barely peak through but I think even so they make this perfume much more complex because the floral middle notes are very faint and so for me don't do much to add to the complexity.

I can detect no rose whatsoever but the other florals are faintly there to my nose.

I've been on the search for a good candy scent, I first tried Katy perry's Meow perfume but that was too thick and cloying for me, I also tried Sweet Sugar by Aqualina but that tooooo sweet (still nice though) but this one is just right, it's really light and soft, not offensive in any way, just perfect!