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While widening I-495 from six to eight lanes has been suggested, various fiscal and environmental costs involved with such an undertaking make such widening doubtful.

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In its western sweep some 30 miles from Boston, it will pass close to Worcester, and swing south and east again to serve Milford and other manufacturing areas in the south-central area.Thus, the loop, in addition to bypassing the heavily urbanized areas of the north, will provide a much-needed boost to the economic development of the cities and towns it serves by providing swift, easy access to all parts of the state and the nation.The upper deck carries the I-495 mainline, while the lower deck carries C/D roads for exits on both sides of the river.(Photo by Steve Anderson.) With few of the restrictions that were encountered in building urban freeways, the Mass DPW was easily able to acquire a 300-foot-wide to 400-foot-wide right-of-way for the construction of I-495 and MA 25.Originally planned as part of the MA 25 Expressway, this final section of I-495 was completed in 1982.

(Photo by Alexander Svirsky, ) By 2025, the I-495 corridor may be chronically congested due to continued economic growth.Since the proposed outer loop connected at both ends to the "Relocated US 1" - the future I-95 - the Mass DPW submitted the route to the Federal Bureau of Public Roads (BPR) for inclusion into the Interstate highway system.The BPR approval guaranteed 90 percent Federal funding for the 5 million highway; the commonwealth was to pay the remaining costs.In the past three decades, the I-495 corridor has become the fastest growing area in Massachusetts.Mirroring the experience of MA 128 (Yankee Division Highway), technology firms established factories along the Outer Circumferential Highway. Where in recent decades, growth along the MA 128 corridor has been concentrated in software and related services, the growth along the I-495 corridor has emanated from hardware manufacturing and communications.The existing cloverleaf interchanges at EXIT 13 (I-95) in Mansfield and at EXIT 40 (I-93 / Northern Expressway) in Andover should be reconstructed, either by constructing collector-distributor (C/D) roads on the intersecting freeways, or by constructing new four-level stack interchanges.