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It's a bit more warm/ spicy for cooler weather, whereas Spice and Wood is brighter. 2.5/5 (neutral) Tried Spice and Wood a few times (sample sprayer). While most fragrances start out fresh and then turn warm, S&W starts out perfumy and then turns fresh.

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The two students, the challenger and the challengee "face off" with a review question.

When I play, I make all my students answer the question (even if they’re not one of the two students in the showdown for a chair) and turn in their review at the end of class.

Then I always lose because I can never raise the roof with a straight face. Have each team send a representative to the front of the room. The first team representative to ding a bell (or, if your students are like mine and have broken three of your bells, a Post-It note that one student can be in charge of making go “ERRRR!!

” when buzzed) gets to answer the question for their team for three points.

I am midway through my first year of teaching, and my students are all bored and throw things at me.

At first it was just paper, but now they've moved to firecrackers and other explosives.

Some fresh apple in the opening, drying down to a pretty straightforward and uncomplex spicy/woody scent as advertised. In fact, it seems like it is just basenotes that I smell. Longevity is very good, I'm 9 hours after my sprays and it is still going strong. Beautiful presentation on the packaging and bottle, props to Creed for that. The title already says very clearly what we are going to find, there is no surprise.

Gives me quite a similar vibe to Hermes' Poivre Samarcande. I like this stuff better when I catch wafts of it on other wearers passing me by. Smelling it on myself it's more potent and it's a hit/miss when I wore it. The fresh entry of bergamot and lemon joins a nice note of sugary sour apple, soft but very nice.

Spice and Wood opens with aromas of Italian bergamot, Egyptian lemon and aromatic apples.

Middle notes reveal Angelica root, rose, clove, desert peppers, patchouli and white birch. Immediately I smelled all the citruses listed, but mainly apples. Now, at this point, the thoughts that came into my mind was, "WOW" this reminds me of Aventus.

First of all, Mildred, I'm sorry to hear about your situation.