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Chopra wears her love for Ashok on her sleeve — quite literally.

Family is clearly important to Chopra: One of the few times her fizzing personality begins to crack is when she talks about her late father.“He was my biggest champion and my mentor,” she says.I might do a mental eye-roll, but instead of getting angry, I take a breath and try to educate whoever wants to learn about where I come from.I used to have a friend at school who changed his name from Varun to Warren because he said people couldn’t pronounce it. ’” Soon there will be many more opportunities to soak up her lessons. 25; in December, Chopra will serve as a guest judge on “Project Runway” alongside Heidi Klum, Zac Posen and Nina Garcia.But the 18-year-old novice managed to beat the veteran contestants, winning the crown and going on to snag the entire Miss World title later that year.

That double win launched Chopra’s stellar career in Bollywood, where she starred in dozens of films, earning critical praise as well as commercial success.“Sometimes I still put it on when I’m drinking wine with my friends,” she says.“I’d love to do music again, but just don’t have the time to really focus on it — and you need that.” At the photo studio, she changes outfits with the cool efficiency of a quick-change artist.“It was so hard for me to do the elimination part,” Chopra admits. I’m a guest judge, so thankfully I don’t have to be mean!I’ve been through contests that have involved elimination.Among her most prominent works was 2015’s epic romance “Bajirao Mastani,” which took in around million, making it one of the most lucrative Bollywood movies of all time.