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Since 2007, Orlando has been involved with UNICEF, visiting children in some of the world's poorest countries.

In 2009, he was made its Goodwill Ambassador, and in February this year, he returned from Niger, West Africa, where he was working with families who had escaped the violence of Nigeria's militant Islamist group, Boko Haram.

I'm looking for that thing again…' He appears to be unsure of where his career is headed, so I offer some advice. when they make Bond someone all the kids fall for.'Age has changed Orlando.

Inevitably, however, there was wider interest in the latest news, announced six days before we meet, that he and Katy had split after a year together. [sic].'As for evidence that he can handle a break-up in the public eye, Orlando points to his relationship with Australian model Miranda Kerr. It's better to set an example for kids and show that [break-ups] don't have to be about hate.'Orlando doesn't shrink away from shaping their post-relationship narrative – the day before his break-up with Katy, he posted a video to Instagram of 'the dogs' (his dog, that is, and hers, 'Nugget').

She suggested in a tweet that their parting had been blameless: 'HOW BOUT A NEW WAY OF THINKING FOR 2017?! The pair married in 2010, had their son Flynn, and divorced in 2013 (they now both live in Los Angeles). She happens to be someone who is very visible, but I don't think anybody cares what I'm up to. Orlando is new to social media, having avoided it for years. How is he going to have a real relationship if it's all happening on his phone?

' says Orlando Bloom, before letting out an almighty laugh. As he reclines, a small tattoo of an orange sun on his stomach peeks out from underneath his shirt.

The British actor is referring to an episode in August 2016, when he was photographed paddleboarding off the coast of Sardinia with his then-girlfriend, singer Katy Perry. Did the hysteria surrounding his penis surprise him? 'I wouldn't have put myself in that position if I'd thought it would happen.') would think that he was safe from a long-distance lens. Joking aside, the paddleboarding photos alarmed Orlando.

It helped him cope with his sudden rise to celebritydom, a process he describes to me as like getting inside a burning car.

'You see these victims all around you: 15 minutes of fame, a You Tube sensation, whatever it may be. 'I've been photographed a million times in a million ways. He prefers to keep his life private; his former home in the Hollywood Hills was burgled in 2009 by the gang whose exploits were portrayed in Sofia Coppola's 2013 film, The Bling Ring. So I had a moment of feeling free.'Had it been a woman exposed by the press there would have been outrage. 'It's a great way to get the heart rate going,' he smiles. Miranda Kerr opened up about her relationship with ex-husband Orlando Bloom and his girlfriend, Katy Perry, at Harper’s Bazaar’s 150 Most Fashionable Women event in Hollywood on Friday, January 27.Asked how her son, Flynn, 6, has taken to Bloom’s new gal pal, Kerr, 33, told reporters that the relationship was a very solid one.'What we grow up with at home is completely different.