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Jackie Warner gives a very detailed and informative lessons on your body chemistry breaking down in layman's terms how our cells work, what and how they become damaged and what we can do to heal our bodies from the inside.We CAN heal our bodies internally the same way our external wounds are healed with medication and time.

She gets straight to the point of why American's keep gaining weight, and why we constantly feel like crap. Jackie has laid everything out in this book in steps, she has included charts, shopping lists, and even exercise plans.

You really can't go wrong here, and it's only a 3 we I have absolutely loved Jackie Warner since her reality TV show several years ago. This is my second book by her and this one is probably my favorite of hers.

Jackie Warner—New York Times bestselling author and personal trainer to the stars—has the answer to the energy crisis in your life, and it's not in the next cup of coffee you're reaching for. This Is Why You're Sick and Tired goes to the root of your energy problem to give you the tools you need to rehabilitate your body on the cellular level to target the cells and hormones critical to energy, vitality and weight loss.

Each week of this 3-phase plan will offer a new diet and exercise program that alters chemistry in stages, working with your brain and body to balance and release a new set of chemicals and patterns.

It's getting rid If you had more energy, what would you do?

Stop saying "If only…" and get yourself on track to health, happiness and that youthful glow you thought you lost forever.With Jackie's core principles, you will restore and recharge your body, renew your vitality, and stop feeling moody and stressed out. And you'll drop weight fast and look better than you ever have before.I received a free copy of this book through Goodreads First Reads. Jackie Warner sets the gold standard for diet and exercise books with This is Why You're Sick and Tired.It provides a three week plan to get us back on track.Jackie offers a balanced eating and exercise plan that anyone can do.You really can't go wrong here, and it's only a 3 week program so it is absolutely doable.