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I totally love this song.stuff.i first heard the song on the radio about a year ago, and then soon after found the acoustic version, which i believe is MUCH better...anyways as far as the meaning goes, my ex and i always concurred that it was about making love to your long-awaited partner..."breathe out, so i can breathe you in"..friggin sweet is that?like you breathe in the essence of your lover during, well, you know..what tj said a ways up, just the tremendous love between two people and how they "sing" in tons of different ways..grohl rules and so does everlong! If you listen closely to the beginning of the learn to fly video (where Tenacious D hide the drugs in the coffee machine) you'll hear Everlong in a funny variation. Does anybody know if there's a possibility to get that version? But the album version is the one I can listen to over and over.

As i listened to the song again all the lines correltated perfectly to how our first time having sex would be.its' definetly about sex, but i get the idea of virginity because it says "out of the red" and i took that to be blood from loosing it.Grohl also stated that he thought it was a Sonic Youth rip off.The "when I sing along with you" line makes so much more sense! I remember reading an interview where Dave explained that the song describes the kind of love where it's so real that you even find yourself harmonizing perfectly with them when you sing (And I wonder/When I sing along you with you/If everything could ever feel this real forever/If anything could ever be this good again). Cause if you don't all you have to do is listen to Ever Long. It runs and flows through me everytime I hear this song. to me, its about loving the feeling you get when you really have hope and faith that things regarding love will actually work out for once and praying and hoping that it will stay that way forever. My opinion is that it's about a couple who have just become married and have not yet had sex.

In the video, it's sid vicious & nancy spungen, the 'punk' guy is him dreaming about being sid. But the song itself refers to the hope that this moment which is great will stay on for as long as possiblemy favorite song of allllllllllll time!!!!!!!(2007, on Manhunter) That was more difficult for me, in a way, just because I felt totally out of place there.I was cast through a casting agent who'd seen some article on me, and had told Michael Mann, "Oh yeah, it would be cool to have him in this movie," I guess.dave extracted the ethereal feeling we all encompass when we sit with that special someone. he accomplished the tremendous by painting this love in the hearts of thousands by manipulating the infinite pitches which the human ear comprehends. In an episode of Daria, the animated show that was on MTV, there's a scene where Daria watches from a window upstairs as Trent, her love interest, leaves on a date with another girl. Truly, one of thee most beautiful songs ever written. Why is it that people think he has nothing better to do than to sing about Nirvana and Kurt. It's about being in love.initially i think Everlong was a love song with a drug tied in.pot, not heroin, but sex.he is the reason these words escape my breath, for, momentarily, love encourages life. Listening to it with headphones is amazng, hearing it LIVE....[speechless]About the above 'fact' "Grohl claims that the biggest mistake he ever made was introducing Kurt to Courtney Love"Grohl did not introduce Cobain to Love, it was journalist Everett True that introduced them to eachother at a Butthole Surfers concert in the middle of a Nirvana tour. "Hello, I've waited here for you, Everlong" signifies, ofcourse, waiting for the person they love to come back around..So I knew right from the start, "Oh, I really shouldn't be in this." The Abyss, I could put a little bit of my attitude from ...