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The actor shares a child with his first wife, Brandi, whom he split with back in 2003.

Columbus also shares a daughter with Tanee Mc Call, who filed for divorce in 2012 after a series of domestic violence accusations.

“It’s almost Weight Watchers-approved,” Oprah joked in the video before wishing her BFF a happy birthday. Just last month, Gayle unveiled the best gift the talkshow host ever gave her.

And then, earlier this year, Short and Steffans announced they were hitched.Things between Short and Steffans, however, went sideways after he was allegedly caught cheating on her.Then, when you put two battle-tested soldiers together, and when these two touch and agree, no man can stop them. "Ma'am..is my husband," Steffans responded to the comment. Short posted a photo of Steffans where he described her as his "woman crush Wednesday" and revealed that their relationship is more than just a movie.WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT/LANGUAGE FOLLOWS received a flood comments from those who were against the union of the two and seemed to think it was their business to say so.Unexpected Marriage Advice from Reality TV’s Most Loyal Husband “Ma’am…this is my husband,” she later tweeted to a woman questioning their relationship status.

So nosy but never know what you’re talking about.” In October, Steffans posted a photo of her hand—complete with a sparkly diamond—resting on an unidentified man’s chest. Unfortunately, she suffered a miscarriage and claimed that the father of the child left her alone."I've never in my life seen a man not ache over the loss of his own child until @rotimimusic," she wrote on Instagram according to . Sources say the actor wed Karrine Steffans, a former video vixen and published author.You would think Short fans would be happy for their union but, that's not the case.Technically, that is still to be determined, but according to Steffans, yes, they were married. Short is now starting a family with Aida Abramyan, the woman he allegedly cheated on Steffans with.