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With his good looks and charming personality, it’s no surprise that Jake Short makes all the Disney girls swoon. Farm” co-star, China Anne Mcclain were quietly dating. He also rumored to be dating Piper Curda, the girl who played Jasmine in the Tv series “I Didn’t Do It.” Although they never came clean about their relationship status, Piper shared a picture of herself giving Jake a big smooch on the cheek.Jake is the star of various Disney channels and Disney XD series. (Advanced Natural Talents) program and her current single, "Calling All the Monsters" is #1 on Radio Disney's Top 30.

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Ant, 42, was quick to play on speculation of a supposed feud, saying 'what's the matter with you? Dec joked: 'I wasn't sure whether it was tension or sexual tension.'Ant then stood up to embrace the 35-year-old, saying: 'There's no beef, come on Joe come on.' But things turned sour when Joe tried to lean in for a kiss with the Geordie presenter. See you've just ruined it haven't you,' before pushing the actor onto the couch.He continued: 'His arse hangs out, his crack's showing, he's disgusting. To which the Extra Camp presenter shouted: 'because you embarrass me in front of the nation!He's playing this game and I don't think it matters to him if he gets any enemies.'But Ant shot his comments down straightaway when he said: 'That's kind of what Dec said before but with more words,' leaving Joe dumbstruck and looking irate as he tried to crack a smile.Joe then called out: 'Sometimes it's nice to add more words' to which a whimsical Ant replied 'not when they're nonsense Joe.' Fans have also noticed Ant apparently giving Joe the cold shoulder during filming, with viewers noticing in the first episode of the series that Ant appeared to shun a hug with Joe to embrace Joel and Scarlett.Set weeks after The New York Experi ANTs and based on a deleted scene from the 2007 Hairspray movie (Song: I Can't Wait, sang by Nikki Blonsky as Tracy Turnblad).

star China Anne Mc Clain, since most of the songs are sung by her.

It includes the show's theme song, "Exceptional," as well as the popular "Calling All the Monsters" and is OK for kids old enough to watch the show.

" / star China Anne Mc Clain, since most of the songs are sung by her.

Ant Mc Partlin was spotted wincing in pain as he struggled on crutches just days before revealing a botched knee operation left him hooked on prescription pills and booze.

The TV favourite, 41, has embarked on a strict two-month stint in rehab to battle his demons after surgery on his knee two years ago left him in agony.

And he’s definitely a fan of dating his cast mates.