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I was kind of like ‘This can’t be how we say goodbye. At least let’s come back for 13 more episodes.'” Making the decision even tougher was Joy’s pride and joy, her daughter Maria, who was born last February. I am extremely blessed that my schedule is not nine to five every day.

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After nine years on the show, Joy tells us that she’s gotten used to the come-and-go of various cast members, so James’ absence wasn’t as hard on her as Nathan’s was on Haley. “We have a mutual respect for each other and I would love to work with him again, but I don’t feel the absence of a friend like I did with Chad when Chad left, or with Hilarie [Burton].That’s very different.” Of course, that’s not to say he wasn’t missed.As part of his agreement for Season 9, James Lafferty requested that his episode commitment be reduced to make room for some other projects, so Nathan spends a portion of the season away from Tree Hill as he struggles to (almost single-handedly) manage his and Clay’s agency.In the season premiere, we learn that he’s been traveling a lot, and producer Steve Goldfried tells us he returns “around the second episode.” If you’re getting vicarious separation anxiety, never fear, Naley fans.“This season Haley has decided to, as we saw at the end of Season 8, reopen Karen’s Caf�.

She renovated Clothes Over Bros after Brooke had her financial catastrophe, and so she and Brooke went into business together. She’s got a daughter, she’s got a son, her husband is traveling, it’s sort of a very glam, small-town entrepreneurial mom life for Haley.” However, unlike Season 8, this final season of “OTH” isn’t all about the laughs.

We visited while cast member Austin Nichols was directing the 7th episode of the season, and our first day on set afforded us the chance to watch Bethany Joy Galeotti film emotional scenes with her returning pal Chad Michael Murray.

Yes, Lucas and Haley’s BFFdom has endured despite his absence (and the fact that he never returned any of her letters — a fact that plagued Murray a bit when he read the script).

I’m grateful that I can still nurse and be there when she wakes up and most of the time when she goes to sleep.” Fun fact: Joy loves to change up her hair each season, and Haley’s Season 9 ‘do was specifically designed to be as close as possible to Joy’s natural look so that she could spend less time in the hair & makeup chair and more time with baby Maria.

On camera, there are three new babies on the show — meaning that there are often six babies on set — which hasn’t exactly made things easier on Joy. “They’re all adorable, but I’m like, ‘I’ve got my own, thanks.’ It makes me start lactating.

Joy tells us that juggling motherhood and acting has been a precarious balancing act. I have three days or three weeks off at a time, but then I do come in and work 14 hour days sometimes. You’ve got to throw romance in there somewhere.” You know, in case you weren’t already on the edge of your seat.