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She started posting Bollywood Western pop mashups on her You Tube channel over a year ago. Vidya’s mashups have gained recognition from the likes of Diplo, Major Lazer & Hrithik Roshan, as well as publications such as Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed, The Hindu, Deccan Chronicle and many more.The songs gained popularity quickly and she has over 60 million views! She is currently working on a solo EP, with original songs and compositions.Around 150 sets were ordered, enough for amps with serial numbers between 300 - 440 and spares.

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Woden was based in the West Midlands - the "Black Country" - first in Wolverhampton (1939, Thornley Street), then after a move, in Bilston, a little to the south east. By 1957 a second site had been acquired or set up on Oxford Street, on the edge of the massive Loxdale Industrial Estate.

Aerial views showing, left, part of the Loxdale Industrial Estate, and right, heavier industry.

Woden's principal business seems to have been industrial transformers, some fairly gargantuan, The transformers that Woden made for Vox were commissioned units.

They are not to be found in any other maker's amplifier.

She has learnt Carnatic classical music since she was a young girl and have had many amazing gurus throughout her journey, including D. She has performed in some amazing venues around the world, including the White House, NCPA and Webster Hall.

Vidya also has performed at numerous festivals including the Festivals Des Artes in Reunion Island, MERU in Netherlands, & INK Women.

For the latter the tranformers will have been well suited.

For the former, only just, as the Woden 79806 had only twelve secondary windings, whereas the standard black-shrouded AC100 unit had fourteen. The ordering of new sets of transformers in 1964 and early 1965 generally corresponded with a change in control panel colour. The second batch of around 60 units seems to indicate that Vox had ideas to do something different at serial no. Perhaps this was simply the transferring of production to Burndept (which did happen). From August 1964, all three guitarists in the Beatles had AC80/100s, and Vox must have realised that production would need to be ramped up and costs tightly controlled - a slightly less complex output transformer, and a smaller choke were therefore commissioned from Woden (batch 3). Why did Westrex still have, in late 1964 / early 1965, green-topped Wodens?

It is regularly said that the term "Heavy Metal" was coined by West Midlands bands, many of whose members had worked, on leaving school, in iron and steel plants.

At least one member of Slade's road crew worked for Woden Transformers from 1964 - 1969.

The four primary windings of the green Wodens were reduced to two, as in the schema below.