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The story and scripts are all made by myself and I managed to complete this in one day of solid work.

After Highschool you follow your girlfriend Miku Hatsune to the High Performance Music College named VCU (Vocaloid City University), but you broke up and your goal is to make her take you back, but it won't be easy! May 07, 2015 • 31,813 words • After your chaotic relationship with Haku, you are ready to move on and stay single for a while...

I just looked at her bitterly and I told her...don't ever come back and.... " Bunnie's composture crumbled as she broke down and began to weep as she buried her face into her hands. "Cause I see'd Zexion coming back t'our room, an' then he just..looked so sad. I knew he did, 'cause all he did was hold me an' cry until he fell asleep..." She shivered...." Xemnas pulled her into his arms from across the bed, desperately trying to cradle her close and stroke her hair as he sobbed with her. "Daddy's here, Yaya," he whispered, voice hoarse with agony, "daddy's here.

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But we can't if you die""Zexion told me I was gonna die soon." She said.

"You can't die, Luna," she whispered, her voice still hoarse from screaming. I've I've been doing some research, and I I'm pretty sure we can find them in Finland Between the two of us, we'll find them, we will. It's going to be all right, sweetheart, daddy's here..." Chara: Thank you, Dwayne.

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Spoiler marks are used in order to keep you from unneeded exposure. Compare Bile Fascination, where people watch / play / listen to it for the crap quality.

As Ukrainian, I can say that Ukrainians never were united among themselves.

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True, they get old by the 9001st time they're played, but there's a reason they get played a thousand times and more. There's the fanbase that has been ever since the beginning of the show, and there's the second wave that watches the show/plays the game/reads the book after exposure to the meme.

It's not (most of the times) Viral Marketing, since it's fans rather than marketroids behind them. This is right before people endlessly repeating them makes it annoying and, ironically, may make you want to avoid it as much as possible.

Get ready to meet with 11 Vocaloid girls and your arch enemy, Kaito, who has a crush on Miku as well!

"I can't keep you involved in this, trying to nail Gavin, trying to get my badge back. I'd lose a hundred badges, a thousand, I don't care; they aren't worth anything next to you. She had a real life to live and being there was only holding her back.

Update Star includes support for many languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Russian and many more.