Vnc stops updating mouse and keyboard

But with Deep Freeze in place, the computer is left just as it was earlier with a simple restart.It is the best security solution for computer labs in high schools.

vnc stops updating mouse and keyboard-32

As each user logs off, the PC is restarted and again comes in a clean state.

Any nasties or personal information left on them are then wiped and the machine is ready for the next user.

During my professional sales career, I have sold a variety of software, few have been as powerful a tool as Deep Freeze, yet offered such simplicity for ease of use. Faronics Deep Freeze is the only tool out there, to my knowledge, that can maintain a systems integrity in such an efficient and transparent way.

Deep Freeze should be a key part of every systems security defence.

We have been using the Deep Freeze software for the last 7 years. This software has been a huge life savor when it comes to operating system maintenance. Deep Freeze is a simple and powerful product that any company should never go without. It's simple, it is the only solution I need to be in the place I want when I want.

We hope to educate more Philippine companies and organizations to adopt this wonderful innovation. Faronics Deep Freeze Technology is a sophisticated approach to reduce IT costs, accelerate activity and ensures clean systems every time a user signs on. With Deep Freeze I have no worries about viruses, accidents and even attacks to my organization's computers because the hardest thing to do is to RESET the computer and "voilá", everything is fine... No doubt, Deep Freeze is a totally a "must-have" in any size of organization.

Simply schedule a reboot to happen every night and the systems take care of themselves.

Now, customers only need to call me once a quarter for updates or new software. We issue several laptops to our contractors/consultants to work outside the office.

We use Deep Freeze on all our public computers and have begun to deploy Faronics Anti-virus for both public and staff. Deep Freeze fits my K12 clients like a comfortable glove.

Deep Freeze, in my opinion, is a must for public computers and I really like the small foot print and Deepfreeze integration with Faronics Anti-virus. Having multiple sites to administer and support, and often times multiple job responsibility hats to wear, many of the IT administrators I work with have really enjoyed taking advantage of virtually eliminating many trouble-ticket requests in their labs by having Deep Freeze installed there.

If you are not using Deep Freeze, then you're wasting a lot of your time repairing children's PC problems rather than spending your time in teaching.