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AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION, VOCATIONAL-TECHNICAL SCHOOLS, 4-H, NATIONAL FFA, FCCLA & FCA 58. FARMERS ON WV HIGHER EDUCATION POLICY COMMISSION 66. INCREASED TUITION FOR NONRESIDENT STUDENTS, FOREIGN STUDENTS 68. Toward that end, parents or guardians shall be held legally responsible for the actions of their children. AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION, VOCATIONAL-TECHNICAL SCHOOLS, 4-H, NATIONAL FFA, FCCLA & FCA National FFA Association, 4-H clubs, Family, Career and Community Leaders of America and Fellowship of Christian Athletes have been, and will continue to be, vital tools for development of talent and leadership needed in family resources, agricultural and ecological industries.

We believe that legislation and regulations favorable to all sectors of agriculture should be aggressively developed in cooperation with allied groups possessing common goals. During recent years of budget cuts, West Virginia University has been under-funded when compared to other states’ institutions of higher education. WVU ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS West Virginia Farm Bureau is gravely concerned by the exorbitant administrative costs, increase of tuition and fees per student at West Virginia University.

We support the right of private organizations to require membership as a prerequisite for member services. West Virginia Farm Bureau supports the Governor and the Legislature in making every effort to restore funds to our flagship institution so that we may once again be competitive with surrounding land grant institutions in regards to professors’ salaries and research funding. We recommend that the president of West Virginia University initiate action to reduce administrative costs.

People have the right and the responsibility to speak for themselves individually or through organizations of their choice without coercion or government intervention. We support a policy that total revenue received from disposal of any real estate owned by West Virginia University and being used or administered by the College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design, or the Agricultural Experiment Station shall go into the capital improvement fund, the research fund and/or scholarship endowment fund of the Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design.

Property rights are among the human rights essential to the preservation of individual freedom. We support alternative routes to the West Run bypass to ensure that WVU Agricultural Research and Educational facilities remain in close proximity to the WVU Davis College of Agricultural, Natural Resources and Design campus. WVU DAVIS COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE, NATURAL RESOURCES AND DESIGN LAND DEVELOPMENT Agriculture has a large economic impact on the state of West Virginia.

We encourage West Virginia University to put more emphasis on improving and using Jackson’s Mill.

Jackson’s Mill should be maintained and the facilities improved with additional private housing.Individual freedom and opportunity must not be sacrificed in a quest for guaranteed security. If cuts are necessary, they should occur at the administrative level. WVU DAVIS COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE, NATURAL RESOURCES AND DESIGN Our College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design and the Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station are suffering from a lack of state financial support to the extent that the buildings and farms cannot be maintained in even a reasonable state of repair.We believe in government by legislative and constitutional law, impartially administered, without special privilege. REGULATORY AUTHORITY OF LIVESTOCK, POULTRY AND AQUACULTURE 16. West Virginia’s state support compared to federal funding is one of the lowest in the nation.West Virginia Farm Bureau is a voluntary, non-governmental organization, wholly controlled by its members. West Virginia Farm Bureau will continue to support a sound WVU Extension Service program.Financed by membership dues, it exists to provide a means by which farmers can work together toward the goals upon which they agree. We recommend that a minimum of one agent and one secretary be placed in each county.Dwayne O'Dell, WVFB Director of Government Affairs Office: 800-398-4630 x. Farm Bureau supports the development of regional University campuses that offer four-year degrees. POTOMAC STATE AGRICULTURAL PROGRAMS West Virginia Farm Bureau recommends the continuation of the Agricultural programs of Potomac State College.