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However, fault A occurred before the conglomerate was laid down, because that layer is unbroken.

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The geologic time scale revolutionized the way people think about time and how they perceive our planet.The sedimentary layer must be younger than the igneous rock because the sedimentary layer contains pieces of the igneous rock.I have been to the Dominican Republic a few times in the past.This gives the beauty instant guilt resulting in the not-so-hot girl feeling better about herself and the beauty thinking there may be some truth to this.We know the layer was not intruded upon by magma from below that later crystallized because the sedimentary rock is still horizontal.

However, the rock layers shown in Figure 3 have been tilted and bent.

Moreover, some important geologic processes are not currently observable, but evidence that they occur is well established.

For example, in Figure 4 you can see that fault A occurred after the sandstone layer was deposited because it “broke” the layer.

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