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ING is looking for experienced candidates to strengthen the Market & Operational Risk team within its Model Risk Management (Mo RM). Participating in/representing MV in meetings with e.g.Job Description: As a model validator your key responsibilities are: Technical review of risk models, including performing quantitative analyses. model developers, senior management, internal & external audit, the ECB.There are numerous validation tools available, and the course will individually describe these tools and their application in practice.The task of developing validated models for projecting operational losses under the Fed’s specific Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) stress scenarios pose numerous challenges to the banks.Writing high quality validation reports (read by e.g. Your model scope is broad and includes: Trading risk models (e.g.

Historical Va R, IRC, Stressed Va R, CVA, Event Risk, FRTB models)Banking book models (ALM/IRRBB; e.g.In addition, the crisis has highlighted the need for rigorous and critical analysis of the application of such models and has displayed the need to assess the detrimental effects that the misuse of risk models can produce.With these challenges in mind, Risk is delighted to offer this specialist training course which has been designed to focus on the assessment of risk models in the context of concrete risk model implementation.Over the last few decades we have seen the use of quantitative risk models become a cornerstone of financial regulation.Financial institutions now have to determine capital buffers based on increasingly complex modelling valuation & hedging/replication, client behaviour models (e.g.