Valentines day ideas for dating couples

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of fun and free ideas that will show your special person that you care—without having to empty your bank account.Plus, all that money you save can go toward planning your next big trip together.

Call around to your favorite bars to see when they offer comedy, and chances are you’ll find something fun and free of charge. We recommend checking out the open mic nights at Upright Citizens Brigade, and bars like Lucky Jack’s and the Knitting Factory.If you’re near a city, chances are there are a handful of art galleries that have shows throughout the week.For example, rural areas around New York City offer great hikes, like Bear Mountain, with its sweeping views of the Hudson River.And on the West Coast, there’s no shortage of local hikes near big cities, like Twin Peaks in San Francisco, Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles, and the Forest Park area in Portland.Don't just Netflix and chill: Make it special by preparing several types of popcorn, pulling out a few different movies (some new, some old favorites), lots of theater candy and soft drinks, and setting up the living room like a private theater.

The one-on-one time is far more romantic than sharing the experience in a public theater.

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, it’s time to start planning that special date to celebrate your relationship.

And while that sometimes means booking a table at a Michelin-starred restaurant with a stellar view, catching a hot Broadway show, or jetting off for a romantic getaway, not everyone has the budget to shell out on February 14.

Set the mood with lots of candles, whip out a tablecloth, and pretend you’re on a vacation somewhere far away and exotic.

It’s pretty hard to find something more enjoyable than laughing with a loved one.

From taking advantage of local art scenes to escaping the city and hitting a trail on nearby mountains, there are plenty of ways to celebrate love without spending money.