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In the next section you’ll learn how to use the Pro HDR X app to create dramatic HDR photos with your i Phone.If you prefer to create images with a stronger and more dramatic HDR effect, you’ll need to download a dedicated HDR app.With HDR you can capture more color and detail in both the dark foreground and the brighter sky.

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As you can see, the difference between the two photos isn’t very pronounced.There’s very little difference in the exposure of the leaves, however, the HDR photo has produced an image with more detail in the brighter areas of the sky.As a result, the dynamic range of your image is increased, creating a more balanced exposure throughout the picture.This means that you’ll be able to see more detail in both the shadows and the highlights of your image.At the same time, the boat and plants in the foreground appear slightly under-exposed and it’s difficult to make out the detail in these areas. Using HDR when shooting landscapes allows you to capture more color and detail in both the foreground and the sky.

Of course, HDR isn’t just for landscape photography.

If you tap on the sky, the sky will be correctly exposed but the darker foreground is likely to be under-exposed.

If you tap on the darker foreground, that area will be correctly exposed, but the sky is likely to be over-exposed.

When HDR is enabled, your i Phone will automatically capture HDR photos whenever you press the shutter button.

Note that it takes slightly longer to take an HDR photo than a regular one.

It turns out that you can do exactly that using HDR photography!