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Do not use a power sander as it is too easy to get carried away and take off too much wood.

You are just trying to rough up the surface a little bit.

One the door is off, you will need to prepare it for the wallpaper.

If you are using real glass, skip to the installation.I loved the idea of using plexiglass, also known as Acrylic Plastic Sheeting.I let them lay flat on their backs on my dining room table overnight.Then I couldn’t wait to come downstairs the next morning and hang them!!After I got my measurements, I cut the plexiglass using the plastic sheet cutter, and a yard stick as a straight edge.

Just score the sheeting the appropriate number of times for the depth of the sheeting. Then I just lined it up against the edge of my table and snapped it right off. For glass, you will need a silicone for glass as the one I purchased specified “plastic”. Add a bead of silicone along the inside edge on the front side of the cabinet door: Drop the glass/plexi in place on top…

In some of these close-ups, you can see a bunch of tiny white dust particles.

That is what was left from when I removed the protective covering from the plexiglass.

I don’t have a specific size for you, it just needs to be big enough to fit your jig saw blade in after drilling a few side-by-side. Once the center panels were cut, I touched up the edges with fresh paint.

The raw edges will be covered, but the doors suffered a few minor bumps and bruises.

Then stick around and let’s see what else we can get ourselves into!