Updating firmware in belkin router

Many routers have the automatic firmware update function within the web interface.

In this case just run this function, let the router download the firmware and update by itself.

If you unplug/turn off the router during this time, that can render the device unusable.Networking vendors generally have clear instruction on how to flash a particular router. Also, flashing the firmware might reset the router's settings to default, so you might want to save the settings to a file prior to the upgrade in case this happens.Maintaining updated Belkin Wireless Router (Wi Fi) software prevents crashes and maximizes hardware and system performance.Using outdated or corrupt Belkin Wireless Router (Wi Fi) drivers can cause system errors, crashes, and cause your computer or hardware to fail.I purchased my router just the other day on valentines day and set it up. no internet signal directly to it or wifi broadcasting so i called belkin.

it said there was a firmware update so i proceeded to do so. managed to fix the firmware issue to get to my dashboard to change settings and all that but my ssid isnt broadcasting. the only way to use any internet connection is to connect directly to the modem or connect directly to the router while attached to the modem.For a list of devices not working with DD-WRT please see wiki page Known incompatible devices.If your device is supported, you may find specific information in the Hardware-specific page for your router.Firmware is a software in your router which contains all the necessary code to make your router run and it also has web-page configuration page and all other machine code which makes the hardware of your router to work.If your router has bugs or it is just a security update, a firmware update can contain many things.This is especially when a router reset doesn't help.