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DB2 9.7 APAR Fix list contains list of APARs shipped for each fix pack in DB2 Version 9.7 for Linux, UNIX and Windows products.

The Severity column value of 1 is high and 4 is low.

Instead of a sort, the user picks a column from a combobox to use as a filter criteria. Data Property Name = "Col1" 'Data Table for Combo Box source Dim dt2 As New Data Table dt2.

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3) Have you any example code depicting similar solution.

Cheers Kieran Private Sub Form2_Load(By Val sender As System.

I have a bound Data Grid View using a binding source etc.

I need to provide sorting within the Data Grid View control on a column using the 'Display Value' of the cells rather than the value from the bound datasource.

The displayed data i.e., 'Employee Names' are in no meaningful sequence.

As per your suggestion -1) How could I use a Data View to incorporate the 'Employee Name' when it is not part of the underlying datatable upon which the dataview would be made and2) This Datagridview allows the user to Update, Add and delete Data, if a Data View can resolve the sort on display value requirement then will it also allow for Updating Adding and Deleting Data in the Data Grid View?

NET SIG and during my talk I mentioned how I, personally, rarely, if ever, use Data Sets in my ASP.

NET applications, sticking with the good ol' Data Reader instead.

I have adjusted it slightly to depict my situation.

Data Source = dt1 End Sub Hello River Guy, Thanks for your reply and code example.

Modify your Select query for your Data Adapter which fills the Data Table for your main table. Modify your Insert, Update and Delete commands for your Data Adapter to supply just the employee_id to your parameters collection instead of the concatenated value.