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For example if user add new record via the data grid view, or delete a record, it will also delete or add record to the origin database. So I don’t have to redefine the Ole Db connection again here. Private Sub btn_Save_Click(sender As Object, e As Event Args) Handles btn_Save.

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To establish the relationship with the command object, you then pass the Transaction object in the constructor of Command.Now that the transaction is tied to the Command object, you'll save the initial save point to the transaction and then execute the first insertion into the database. Using save points in the Sql data provider By rolling back to the second savepoint, it's as if the second and third Execute Non Query never happened, so the First Execute Non Querty that puts "Tim" in the database is the only one that actually gets committed.The Sql data provider provides some additional methods for dealing with transactions involving save points.Save points allow you to rollback to a "bookmarked" point in the transaction. As you can see from Listing 5-58, first you establish a connection with the Northwind database and open the connection.Note: The String Writer Class is defined in the System. The errors for this information message are warnings and information message, as opposed to the more serious database error such as bad queries.

In my previous article i have described “How to use Ajax Update Panel“.The default syntax of a “Triggers” element is: Here Control ID denotes, which outside control can update this Update Panel & Event Name denotes the corresponding event name. Each Update Panel contains a Label & a Button control.Let’s move to an Example: Add two Update Panels in your page. If we click one of the Update Panel Button then the corresponding Update Panel Label will show current Date & Time. Ole Db Data Adapter Public Dt As New Data Table Private Sub Form1_Load(sender As Object, e As Event Args) Handles Me. Connect() str SQL = "Select * from Tbl_DHCollar" My Adapter = New Ole Db. Now you can ask questions directly to me on my new site ASPForums. In the example of the Ole Db Execution object in Listing 5-59, the Error collection of the exception is looped through after the exception is thrown, and both the error messages and the error codes are placed in a string to be printed out in a Message Box control. Utilizing the Ole Db Error Collection Listing 5-60 used the Sql Server Exception class. The Sql Error is a bit more extensive in that it can tell you more an error than the Ole Db Error. Sql Error Properties Info Message Event Handler: Listening to Warnings Information or warning message is sometimes produced after a query is executed on a database. NET project: The message Box in this code shows the first information message passed in form the Info Message Event argument.