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Set the Manufacturer (Mobile Practices) and Product Name (Device Cool App) as follows: It's time to add Device Cool (the Device Cool App project output) to the CAB Project.

Try mine first, it's least likely to break anything on your computer.

Update 15/04/2013: I've updated the tutorial so it points to 4.40 v1.03 (rather than 1.02b).

As I've said before, Visual Studio still using the traditional way to build a cabinet file at low-level.

But it DOESN'T mean that Visual Studio Smart Device CAB projects are just a graphical front-end for the tool.

You'll need: Another early note, you need multi MAN .

You don't want to accidentally upgrade to official firmware now, do you?

Seriously, I spent some extra time to make sure everything was gigabit ready.

To my delight, it wasn't my fault =) There are lots of dodgy fixes for this on the internet.

This time I'm going back to a basic topic: How to create a windows mobile installer for our mobile (Pocket PC / Smartphone)application.

I've already blogged before about how to build a which registers the assemblies on the . But this time I'm focusing on the installer itself.

What the does, is defined on a rather cryptic and confused information (.inf) file which is *kind of* installation script.