Updating album art in wmp

I'm using Winamp since many years and work today with latest release 5.666 Build 3516.Everything always worked whithout problems since a few months except starting from yesterday afternoon may 14th.

updating album art in wmp-78

Maybe the db will have improved by the time of the winamp release.

If there are some better audio finger printers available, then my initial search has not discovered them.

I am surprised google or someone has not offered to pay for the winamp tagging function in return for profile information - if it knows exactly what we are listening to, it can sell us more.

Not ideal, but everything has a price, as we have just found out.

manually updating of information in Winamp should still work, but yes it's a pain (especially as i've had to buy some new CDs so i'm going to be able to check out things during testing).

considering the poor communication which came from Gracenote when under the prior ownership (not being informed the buggy SDK we had to use was EOL'd for example - which to support their new SDK meant a re-write of the functionality anyway), i'm somewhat anti-Gracenote.

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which is no more different than having to re-write things to use their newer SDK and more importantly by not using Gracenote, we're able to consider making use of a wider range of services instead of being dependent upon a single one which has its issues as we're clearly seeing now.

since the Gracenote terms prevented using alternative sources for tag lookup, etc.

whatever the system used, it's only as good as the information which people put into it and personally i found Gracenote's CDDB lookups very hit and miss (or just people don't care about getting things correct compared to the actual titling on the CD case itself! how Winamp's version will be is still something i'm planning (since we'd been working on a 2015 termination of the Gracenote access, although it's one of the top features we've got to get replaced before a new release is provided anyway).