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Not to mention, that we too, love social anonymity.

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Not feeling like getting on video but still want to voice chat?

Streamago also enables you to share music, talk or share sounds. Walkie Get ready to turn your smartphone into a walkie-talkie for live video!

Insta Lively Android users can choose to use Insta Lively to broadcast live on Twitter, Facebook and You Tube. The Insta Lively live streaming app provides colorful filters that you can use while broadcasting live video, allowing live stream creators form a style or set a mood.

Your friends can now watch you in-line with their already established favorite social sites. Other Insta Lively features include; categories, more stability when bandwidth is low, MONETIZED videos and help you connect even further with like-minded people. Go, explore and broadcast your moments in real-time! *** Erin Ryan has been a writer for various Social Media & Tech blogs and has a keen understanding of the power of Social Media for business, fervently staying up-to-date.

Walkie, allows its users to live stream with a twist.

The Walkie live streaming app shows you who is watching a You Tube video at the same time so you can share and interact in real-time.Recorded and Live video platforms and apps have increased dramatically within the past several years, anyone who uses the Internet would already know this, but did you know that, We are social creatures after all, and enjoy the company of others, even if that means interacting with intangible people.With our hectic schedules and technological advancements, we surely prefer people watching in our PJ’s from our couch over a hard bench in a crowded mall.Or, create a group channel with friends to broadcast short live videos to keep sharing your moments together.You can also collect your favorite videos by dragging them onto a created board so you can revisit or share with friends via social networks or your favorite messenger.Walkie will even call you when someone is watching one of your videos so you can promptly engage with them.