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hereon may be reproduced in any form or by any means - graphic, electronic, or mechanical - including photocopying, recording, downloading, uploading, taping, or storage in an information retrieval system, without the prior written permission of the copyright owner - e belonged to one of the old noble families from the farthest eastern reaches of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. ca 1806 Benedykt Emanuel Tyszkiewicz-Łohojski, Klementyna b.Those lands were also the first to be taken by tsarist Russia as the result of the partitions of Poland. 1756, and her mother Franciszka Teofila Radziwiłł b. ca 1810 Edward Antenogen Jzef Mostowski, and Waleria Wańkowicz b. 1843 married to Konstanty Tyzenhauz 1786 - died in 1853 in Pastavy / Postawy, Vitebsk province, 10 km of the Lithuania border; ca 80 km south-east of Zarasai, south-west of Dryssa.Dubbelt / Dubelt Michael or Michail Leontievich who was born February 8, 1822 in Kiev, Russian cavalry Major General, he was commandant of the Tiflis Alexandropol / Aleksandrapol fortress 1887-1890. Therefore, we have strong links between the 'Duflon and Konstantynowicz' Company in Moscow, St. Evgeny Armand Ivanovich / Evgeny second / Eugene-Louis Armand was b. His wife, Barbara Karlovna Demonets had 12 children, all the sons were married and all the daughters married: it was told about 39 grandchildren Eugene and Barbara Karlovna (all 42 cousins). 1726, son of Joachim Sievers; this above named Christian Peter Sievers had children: Anna Magdalena, Joachim Christian / Joachim von Sievers and Maria Elisabeth Gunzel, but Peter Trefilov in 2011 not informed about Friedrich Wilhelm I von Sivers b. Russian architect, also being built in Moscow, Saratov, Yekaterinburg. 1905 in St Petersburg, Russia) Wilhelm Karl Albert Emil Schaub. ); leaving one son, William 3rd, and a daughter Elizabeth.His first wife Nataly / Natalia Puszkin / Natalja Aleksandrovna Pushkin since 1853, born May 23 / in St. Petersburg, Zaporozhya / Zaporoze / Alexandrovsk and with Estonia, including Tallinn, Viljandi and Parnu. Eugene / Evgeny and his wife, Barbara Karlovna Demonets / De Monets or DEMONTET had 12 children: Anna (1866 - 1932) Konstantynowicz, Mary (1868 - 1942), Alexandr / Alexander (1870 - 1943) Armand - hereditary honorable citizen and candidate for the Board Member of the Association of woolen factory 'Eugene Armand and Sons', a board member of the Society of electromechanical installations 'Dyuflon, Konstantynowicz and Company', Vera / Wiera (1871 - 1942), Nicholas (1872 - 1936) / Mikolaj Armand, Vladimir (1874 - 1875), Eugene (1876 ​​- 1920) that is Evgenij Evgienievich Armand - Chairman, hereditary honorable citizen, counselor, chairman of the Board of the Association of woolen goods factory 'Eugene Armand and his sons', chairman of the Society of electromechanical installations 'Dyuflon, Konstantynowicz and Company', Boris (1878 - 1920), Sophia (1881 - 1941), Sergei (1882 - 1945), Barbara (1882 - 1966), Vladimir (1885 - 1909) Armand who joined a Social Democratic propaganda group in Moscow and was arrested but his sister Anna Evgen'evna Konstantynowicz helped finance party organizations; see: Inessa Armand and Lenin. 1758 in Petersburg); count 1798, Extraordinary Cementery in Wolmar in Livonia / Valmiera / Wolmar, is a town in northern Latvia, about 100 km north-east of Riga and 50 km from the border with Estonia. Locke, William, the third (1804-1832), captain and amateur artist, published some illustrations to Byron's works.1841, a Russian nobleman and diplomat, the eminent lawyers, the Russian Prosecutor-General and Senator from 1894-99. Wladyslaw Jozef Sołtan 1795-1843, Oktawia Piottuch-Kublicka born ca 1810 m. ca 1800 and second to Dominik Konstantynowicz born (after 1800) ca 1805. some generation previously; also known as Petr Fedorovich Anzhu, on with Wrangell, via Moscow, Irkutsk, the Lena, Ust-Yansk, traveled to New Siberian Islands.

Earl Ignati Platonovitsh Zakrevski family lived in Berjozovkaja - Rudka mansion in Ukraine. Maria Moura Ignatievna Zakrevskaya-Benckendorff-Budberg was double agent of OGPU and British Intelligence Service. But genealogical research are directed to show that Nestor Troubetzkoy (with nickname Nester Kalinowski) had a sister Maria. Anjou was involved in exploration in 1825 - 1826, with Friedrich Rembert von Berg, to Aral Sea. He was crucial in crushing the Polish January Uprising in 1863. Probably Johann Schaub or Ivan Schaub come from Johannes b. second time in 1800 to Elise NEFZGER, who had child Johannes 1801 (Johann Schaub or Ivan Schaub) Barbara SCHWOB. 1802 in Sissach, close to Basel; Swiss politician in the Basel canton 1832, 18, 1869 to 1870.

Education: Page Corps 1877, captain Guard 1885, Major-General 1904; lieutenant general 1912. In the first period October 1987 - September 1989 I recognized the immediate environment of our family Konstantynowicz, maybe 200 people; unfortunately it 'coincided' with the death of my father on November 3, 1987; buried 09 November 1987. The webpage 'Executive Intelligence Review was founded on 21 November 1987, but EIR, Executive Intelligence Review, was ed. The article "New KGB history skirts lessons of the...", by Aleln and Rachel Douglas, is on "A History of the KGB" by John J. The Lexington Books edited this book in October 1987, but second publisher 'Ballantine Books' ed. The parts it turned out to be true; I am writing that only partially, because the key person was a Swiss with Italian - Estonian origin, and this man had no affinity with our family, but was created by the military system, whose my Konstantynowicz family was a part: in Miezonka, Swolna, Moscow, Estonia, St. Maybe Rita is a daughter of Galina, and Rita Irene and Rita are the same person.

1863 died 1933 in Poznan (the Gernet family, too); General and Senator, Governor of Estland, graduated from the Corps of Pages 1884, Lieutenant-General in 1915, as vice - governor of Courland 1903-1905 and governor of Estonia 1907-1915; 1915 he was appointed a senator for the Department of Heraldry, he emigrated to Poland, lived in Poznan. During the occupation of 'white' was mobilized and after during their retreat, came to Poland. Need to be check (June 2014): Jan son of Piotr Konstantynowicz and his branch of the Konstantynowiczs! Petersburg, Kazan, the Vaud canton and the nearby Swiss villages, Lodz, Riga. 1869 and died in Uzkoje estate ("Narrowly") near by Moscow = Moskva in 1924, he was member of the Ufa government office 1904 - 1917 in Baschkirische / Bashkortostan region, married Wiera Puszkin in 1894 - she was born 1871, daughter of Anatol Puszkin (1846 - 1905) and grandchild of Elzbieta Zagrazski and Lev Puszkin (b. Rita Irene, daughter of Heinrich / Rita Irene Heynrihovna b.

With families: Melik - Beglyarov or Melik-Beglarov, Demonets / Demonet or Demontet, Breguet, Brown, Wilde, Nikitin, Katenin, Gruzinski, Bagrationi, Drzewiecki, Orlov-Denisov, Martynov, Paszkowski, Kalinowski, Zarako Zarakowski, Malkiewicz, Horodecki, Zbieranowski, Szostak, Nobel, Masson, Hacker / Hakker, Kammer, Briling, Vologdin, Azbelev, Benckendorf or Benkendorf, Pushkin, Kropotkin, Chikin, Bakst, Trubecki / Trubiacki / Troubetzkoy / Troubetskoi, Beklemishev, Rosenberg, Wittgenstein, Dadian-Mingrelsky / Dadiani Mingrelskij, Radziwill, Piottuch-Kublicki, Soltan, Oginski, Japaridze (), Rosen, Gernet, Rehbinder, Schilling, Nakachidze, von Zarnekau, Yurievsky, Duke of Oldenburg, Nikoladze, Maipariani or Maypariani, Saparov, Armand, Diseren, Duflon, Rey, Paat / Paats, Karamyan, Pescheux d'Herbenville / Pecheux. Antoni Wankowicz, Michal duke Puzyna, Ignacy Moniuszko, Jan Chodzko and Xawery Lipski signed Act of Temporary Administration of the Minsk Province on 19 July 1812 under general Oppeln Bronikowski); Stanislaw Radziwill - above named - was son of Mikołaj Faustyn Radziwill. 1761, her father Michal Antoni Radziwill 1687 - 1721 [his brother Mikołaj Faustyn Radziwiłł 1688 - 1746, with his son Stanisław Radziwiłł b.

(Antoni Wańkowicz 1758 - 1812, son of Tadeusz Wańkowicz b. He was brother of Albrecht, Udalryk Krzysztof and Jerzy Radziwill Salomea Anna nee Sapieha; he was father of Anna Olimpia Mostowski b. 1722]; she had sons: Andrzej Ignacy Ogiński and Franciszek Ksawery Ogiński) Above Andrzej Ignacy Ogiński: b. Petersburg established The Factory of electromechanical structures when Tesla received a British patent on the design of the spark gap - rotating strap.

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