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First of all you can try to force the update process through the Terminal typing: and try again to launch the Update Manager.

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A reboot was not the right solution and I tested different ways to solve my problem saving the Ubuntu installation in my computer.Searching on internet I discovered that there are few possible solution to avoid this problem and, in case you have the same bug on your computer, I decided to sum-up the most powerful after I successfully tried them.You may still need to review differences in software configuration when upgrading, but the core system will likely have greater stability.You can follow our series on how to migrate to a new Linux server to learn how to migrate between servers.After I installed some new software I wasn’t able to update Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

The Update Manager was not able to check for updates and when I tried to use the Synaptic Package Manager I hadn’t better results.Ubuntu has two types of releases, standard and Long Term Support (or "LTS").Standard updates are released every six months and receive security updates from Ubuntu for at least nine months, while LTS updates are released every two years and are supported for at least five years.Technically the rename is only done in the GUI, the name of the package containing the application, the executable and internally in the software it still uses the name update-manager.The Software Updater cannot uninstall updates, although this can be accomplished by other package managers such as Ubuntu Software Center and more technically advanced ones such as Synaptic.Since you are likely using your 12.04 server to handle sensitive tasks or data, it's very important that you back up the current state of your server configuration and files.