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Turns out they met a couple years ago at a get together and have a bunch of mutual friends. While her mother was gung-ho against this and they were going back and forth, they wanted my opinion. ” “That’s fair.” “Any young boy/young man that cannot knowingly meet your father if he wants to take my daughter out is bad news…and you need to know that.” We have an amazing relationship. My heart breaks for these women that have suffered so at the hands of these monsters.I always weigh out the options: So it was simple: “Ashley, you are still 16 years old and he is 19. However, I will be there when he arrives and he has to come to the door, introduce himself to me, and I will have a conversation with him. My one goal in life above all others is to make sure that the bond between me and my daughter stays strong, that she can talk to me about anything at any moment in time.I have to feel that her mother and I raised her well enough to know that she will always be honest with us, make good decisions, and will act responsibly.

He would make several large piles and call on us to come out.

We would run, top speed and dive head first into the pile. The most exciting moments were coming home after being in school and seeing the house decorated for Halloween.

There’s a special bond a father and daughter share, much the same way a mother and son share.

Being a dad of a 16 year-old comes with a whole new set of worries.

She asked to have a young man pick her up tonight and take her out to get ice cream, someone who is 19 years old, whom she met two weeks ago on Instagram.

Her mother was not OK with her being picked up by a 19 year-old she just met, has only known two weeks, and wanted to pick her up to take her out for ice cream.However, there has to be a new level of trust, honesty, and responsibility. I find it difficult to watch all that is going on with the sexual harassment claims and lawsuits.What’s worse is having to swallow the idea or the thought of how I would react if it were my child, my daughter involved.And that she will never have to succumb to the whims of scumbags and should she ever come across such gross immoral characteristics (because I’m not ignorant to the possibility), then she will reach out to me immediately to help her take further action.There are many instances we have shared together to create the bond.My mom and dad divorced when I was ten; about two months into my seventh grade year, my mom packed up my brother and me and we relocated to South Florida…where I’ve been ever since!