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Ember Atwell has written a brief introduction to Christian Purity Culture.

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At the Godless Perverts Social Club this week, we had a little crafts party. This is our War on Christmas edition: in addition to potluck treats, silly icebreaker games, and door prizes, we’ll be smashing a Santa piñata and pinning genitalia on our non-existent lord and savior.

We made paper chains for party decorations — and we made paper dildos, to play Pin the Dildo on Jesus. If you want to join us in pinning dildos and vulva on Jesus, or you want to enjoy our other holiday festivities, please come to the Center for Sex and Culture, 1349 Mission St. -20 donation requested; no one turned away for lack of funds.

A silly, friendly, not-at-all-violent war, waged with food, games, piñatas, outfits, and conversation.

Saturday, December 9Center for Sex and Culture1349 Mission St San Francisco, CA 8-11 PM -20 Donation requested; no one turned away for lack of funds. James Infirmary, San Francisco’s health clinic by and for sex workers. Other than keeping your naughty bits covered, not at all.

We’re getting very excited for the Impurity Ball, a benefit for the Center for Sex and Culture and Godless Perverts on August 5.

It isn’t just a dance party — it’s an events extravaganza, a bit like a school fair.

The dildos come in a wide range of sizes and colors (well, whatever colors they had in the pack of construction paper).

Want more information about the purity culture we’re mocking at this event?

A veteran of ACT-UP, the AIDS activist organization, he has founded needle exchange programs, worked with homeless populations, and done continuing education about HIV care for physicians and nurses in correctional settings across the US.

He has done numerous trainings in protestor safety.

We’re having our annual Holiday Fun Time party Saturday December 9 — a benefit for St.