Teen sex vdo face to face chat

Do you feel like you’ve lost control of their web activities and they might be stumbling on dangerous things? Nowadays, parents lead a busy life and it’s somehow difficult to keep up with each and every emerging trend on the internet that may cause potential harm to your teenage kids.

One thing you surely can’t keep up with is the number of mobile Apps out there.

Whispers allows users to anonymously confess their inner most secrets to other users within a mile radius.

Omegle users are only identified as “You” and “Stranger”.

It has no age limit and users do not need to register their personal details.

The sender sets the time it takes before the picture deletes itself from the recipient phone.

The App also sends you a notification if the recipient tries to take a screenshot of the image.

Kik has over 100 million active users sharing sketches, picture, memes and videos without revealing their identity.

Danger: The promised anonymity on kit encourages kids to “sext” and send nude pictures to their sext buddies also known as “Kik buddy”.

This makes your kids victims of revenge porn besides exposing them to explicit content at a tender age.

Yet another dangerous app for teens that made news headline in 2013 after a 12 year old girl was lured into a motel, raped and killed by another 21 years old whisper user.

There is no age limit on Yik Yak implying your teenage kids could be part of an open chat room with strangers.

Danger: Yik Yak may not be as anonymous as claimed by its developers.

Danger: Whispers allows teens to send and receive derogatory images with superimposed text.