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But the problems in teaching maths lie much deeper than just a shortage of trainees.

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In other words, if you are on the mathematical scrapheap by the age of 11, there you are likely to remain.

Secondary school is having little effect on the outcome for these children.

By contrast history courses have recruited 75 more candidates in 2013 than the year before, which is 170 more than 2012’s target.

The number of primary school recruits has risen from 20,760 to 23,380, coinciding with a bulge in the birth rate which has meant that the sector needs extra staff.

He said: “The Government got complacent after the recession [in 2010].

Secondary school rolls were falling so we didn’t need so many teachers; we were coming to the end of the high spot of teacher retirements and we had all those people who wanted to come into teaching because there weren’t any others jobs available.With technology in schools costing an estimated £623 million this year alone, the research, carried out by Instructure - a cloud-based education platform - suggests that thousands of pounds worth of technology could be lying around unused.With over a third of teachers asked admitting that, when used correctly, technology can improve students' results, the survey raises concerns that teachers are not being given the support they need to utilise the equipment.The danger, though, was that this wasn’t going to go on.“We’ve now had successive years when public sector wages have been held down, and regular stories about the problems facing the profession.No wonder graduates in the Stem (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects are accepting jobs elsewhere.Chris Waterman, co-author of the research, said that every missing maths teacher meant 150 secondary school pupils would be taught the subject by a non-specialist, putting 100,000 pupils at risk of receiving their education from someone who has no specialist maths training.