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It has been on my mind for some time now but it is really important to me to find the right piece to take to Iowa. In saying that, I think it’s important for those with a voice to try to make an impact in this environment we live in.

That’s like asking me if I need my right leg or my left leg more. That is probably why I typically alternate film and theatre projects- they both feed my soul. From the Iowa Independent Film Festival to Project Cornlight and Project Save Our Surf, you are dedicated to providing for others and paying it forward — what’s the next big project you’d like to start?Aside from Defrost and after Sylvia, I would like to start a Project Cornlight film. Everyone has a right to speak out or not and it’s not my place to judge.“It turns out people want to see bad dancing as much as good dancing,” he said, adding that the show will be cast in its regular way next time around. Brolin admitted to us a few years ago that he and his wife just loved to settle down and watch Huell doing his thing, taking viewers on excursions from Death Valley to Eureka, meeting assorted colorful sorts along the way. And Brolin had developed a spot-on perfect impression of the Tennessee-born Huell, which he demonstrated for us: “You have a tree here, and another tree there! Frederick is a seasoned actress, with 21 film credits as an actress and five as a producer.

A product of Mason City, Iowa, she cut her on-stage teeth with the Steben’s Children’s Theatre before doing a number of high school musicals in the 1990’s.

LOS ANGELES, CA – AUGUST 17: Actress Tanna Frederick and director Henry Jaglom attend a Private Screening of the Oculus Virtual Reality short film ‘Defrost’ on August 17, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

(Photo by Paul Redmond/Getty Images)My hope is that you experience a beautiful and truthful journey through the perspective of a very lovable canine named Sylvia.

In case anyone missed it, Mac Farlane issued such gems as a Hitler joke tied in to the Austria-Germany collaboration, “Amour” and a comment that directors sit and watch other people make movies. For instance, an Entertainment Weekly headline asked “Seth Mac Farlane, Oscar nomination presenter: Smug and condescending?

” while Slate observed that he “managed to botch his Oscar-hosting gig in record time.” Even as that was happening, ABC chieftain Paul Lee was explaining to press as the Television Critics Association conclave in Pasadena why he is “really bullish”about Mac Farlane’s upcoming Oscar emcee stint. I think what Seth brings — first of all, is a sense of joy,” he declared.

In addition to Sylvia, she’s been working on a virtual reality show “Defrost,” which makes use of the Oculus Rift virtual reality system. Defrost is a scripted VR series about a woman, Joan, who had a serious illness and wakes up after thirty years from being frozen and reunites with her family.