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Sterling: Zander is the nicest lovable idiot, I think. He constantly puts his foot in his mouth, but he’s very well intentioned and he wants good things for people.

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(Unless Demi, who's also dedicated to her workouts, starts joining him in the gym!In the upcoming ep “With A Chance of Dating,” Sonny (Lovato) is asked on a date by suave ‘Mac Kenzie Falls’ guest star James Conroy (Blatz), who also happens to be Tawni’s (Tiffany Thornton) ex-boyfriend. But I really think that it makes something special out of a weird, awkward situation.As soon as the audience is there it kind of freshens everything up; all the jokes that you’ve been hearing and rehearsing all week get new energy and new life, and I know that the entire cast responds really well with a good high-energy audience. Joe was the first guy to hold Demi’s hand on-screen.

Sterling Knight visited with us and some other media outlets on Thursday (January 20, 2014) about working on ABC Family’s “Melissa & Joey,” working with Taylor Spreitler (picture above from new episode) and more!

Which essentially makes watching the stand up comedy not enjoyable, because I don’t get to laugh.

But it’s really difficult; that’s something that I have trouble with. Melissa has out-of-context quotes that are just so left field and they’re hilarious, but Joey has better rant comedy.

You're going to want to turn your sound on for this one.

Trust us, it's worth it if you've been shipping Demi Lovato and Sterling Knight (or their characters Sonny Monroe and Chad Dylan Cooper) since their days.

He may not want to work with me; he’s a lot more talented, especially as a dancer, than I am [laughs].