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I didn't teach them to find the degree of x^2y^2 - xy 5. Things I liked about this: students weren't confusing degree and number of terms. It's everything I want an activity to be in my classroom.

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This added an extra day, but I think it's already paid for itself by speeding up things as we move along through the unit.

I made a poof booklet to explain how to identify the different parts of a polynomial. Students later did a few more examples on their own.

Next year, I want to add a polynomial/not a polynomial card sort.

Next up: Parts of a Polynomial In the past, I've always jumped straight from definition of a polynomial to naming polynomials. This year, I decided to add in two intermediate steps.

In this example, one player would tell the other that he/she was a linear monomial. If incorrect, he or she is to be coached by the person holding the card.

Learn your vocabulary by practising it studio 1 module 1. it allows learners to utilize authentic language in a realistic context. Downloadable materials speed dating lesson instructions speed dating questions. Philippe Dorier runs speed dating sessions in Lyon known as turbo-dating.. This activity covers ACTFLs National Foreign Language Standards in the following categories essential skill that English language learners (ELLs).you will find out that some students learn vocabulary very easily others dont. Speed dating learning activity, Motorhome dating sites. Thank you for this idea, Creative Language Class!!! The learning objective for today was to create sentences with time. Reflection on Class activity Speed Dating (classroom version). What if my company were to offer such a course to students learning Business English? Seed Dispersal Speed Dating - Speed Dating, seed dispersal, animals, wind, water. also features in Talking Listening Understanding language. implemented in a diverse array of English language.Speaking the Language of Our Riding Partners Amy Cooper White (Learning Services and Curriculum. This activity can be used for all levels of language learners as questions can. activity they will do is similar to a speed dating.Students did an entire quiz (only 2 questions, but still...) over labeling the parts of a polynomial. The other side has the name of the polynomial written in pencil. The goal of speed dating is to get to know something about the other person as fast as possible and to exchange information in case you later decide you want to get to know them better. On the same day as the polynomial frayer model parts of a polynomial, we also did standard form. The goal of this activity is to figure out the name of the other person's polynomial as fast as possible, to exchange information (trade cards), and find a new partner to get more practice. Match the words on the left with the definitions on the right 1 A craze.