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I'd encourage anyone looking for a partner, whether online dating or not, to give slow dating/speed dating a go. I've used this company 3 times now, as I liked the idea of having the extra minute with each possible date.

The first event I attended, only a handful of girls actually turned, leaving me slightly somewhat disappointed.

j Query(document).ready(function($){ if($('#sticky_skyscraper').length){ var ss_top = $('#sticky_skyscraper').offset().top; var ss_height = $('#sticky_skyscraper').height(); if($('.social-network-bar').length)else{ var stop_at = $('.An evening of Slow Dating in Bath was better than I imagined it would be.All very disappointing, and even though they refunded my payment, after paying the dog walker I was left out of pocket.The response I got from the company was that I should have used the opportunity to go out with friends as the weather was good.Above all felt safe and location seems to have guaranteed a better quality of participants to choose from.

Now previously, I would have recoiled in horror at the thought of speed dating but my friend Rebecca said it was great fun and asked me to go with her.

The second event I attended had a decent turnout, and worked out to be a good night.

On this basis I subscribed to a 3rd event, and after arranging to swap shifts at work, and arrange a dog walker, the event was cancelled at the last minute due to the host pulling out.

The first rule of Book Club is: you do not talk about Book Club.

The second rule of Book Club is: you DO NOT talk about Book Club. We'll invite people to a central London bar and hire a private area.

We hope small format change will allow you to scratch under the surface get a better understanding what makes people tick.