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Take the short quiz, and then review the Follow-Up questions.Then, look for opportunities to use the new vocabulary, either at school, in email, or in situations where you might interact with people in English.If you live in a small city this site works as well because it's very popular.

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Non-electrical loudspeakers were developed as accessories to telephone systems, but electronic amplification by vacuum tube made loudspeakers more generally useful.

The most popular speaker used today is the dynamic speaker.

I have been a consummate vegetarian (now vegan and raw food enthusiast) for more than 35 years. So when you hear the old adage “the proof is in the pudding”...

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There are a lot of recently divorced 40 women out there looking to have fun.Thus, students need to learn how to understand and use vocabulary in everyday situations.Each of the pages below is designed to build communication skills, with a Listening and Discussion activity.As the listener, you should then be able to repeat back in your own words what they have said to their satisfaction.This does not mean you agree with the person,but rather understand what they are saying.The lessons are not intended to provide all of the definitions for the words; rather, students should look up the words as a means of developing their study and dictionary skills.