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It was the perfect and safe environment to learn, make mistakes, and take risks.” “Nysmith was very good at making me do things that I really did not want to do.

This was really good because it forced me to get experiences that I would not have gotten had I been left to my own devices.

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I even re-learned material from Nysmith in college!” “Nysmith really encouraged a well-rounded education that I still benefit from today.I was definitely involved in a lot of leadership and service activities at Nysmith, as well as STEM!I really enjoyed serving as the National Junior Honor Society President and the Nysmith Gazette Editor-in-Chief, as well as my involvement with the SCA!It envisions a community where the economy is diverse and inclusive and where all dedicated and competent entrepreneurs have access to the resources they need to succeed.

As an intern, I interacted with clients, consulted with Good Work staff, developed effective training material and techniques, developed feasibility analyses of various enterprise options, developed business plans (including financing plan) for viable options, and assisted with developing funding requests for grants.

But most importantly, Nysmith taught me to be kind, respectful, and professional no matter the circumstance.

“ “At Nysmith, questions were encouraged and explored, even if they led down the “wrong” path, or weren’t directly related.

The teachers were always happy to sit down and answer any questions you had about a topic.” “All the things I’ve done – rowing at Princeton, meeting my future wife, studying medicine and doing research to help children with cancer – I can trace it all back to Nysmith taking that chance on us six kids. I saw my peers in high school and college that were SO focused on grades, college, and jobs that grades become a defining characteristic.

For them, learning was a means to an end, rather than a joy to be embraced.” “Nysmith taught me to follow my interests, no matter what they are…It also instilled in me some leadership qualities and I did not even realize it until high school!

After Nysmith, I had the privilege to attend Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology and graduated in 2015!