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When she is sent to Winterfell, she never thought her King would arrange a marriage between her and the young wolf.

The Long Night has come, Westeros soon to be undone. A king on a ruined throne, a queen buried beneath five inches of ice and snow. (Go T Season 8 story) The only thing Brooke Lannister knew was to stand and be pretty, with the constant reminder from her father the young lioness wanted more then to be some man's wife.

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I have to read statements from those in the Big Top enthusing about the new businesses that have moved to The Moor.Fast food, coffee shops, donuts just the type of shops that will attract shoppers. Now we have The Light, a new cinema, surrounded by once again fast food outlets.nella mia storia non morirà quasi nessuno, perché alla fin fine dev'essere una commedia demenziale e si ride, non ci si intristisce (umorismo nero, comunque... Grazie a tutti coloro che seguiranno la mia storia!Non scrivo a scopo di lucro e personaggi e situazioni appartengono a registi, autori, sceneggiatori e produttori della serie TV Il Trono di Spade (versione televisiva, non mi ispiro ai libri).Short, sweet, sillyish, with lots of horrible hot sunshine, URGH. The bastard of Winterfell creates some controversy after Ned Stark travels to Kings Landing for Prince Tommen's name day tourney and she attracts the eye of a few key suitors.

Wandering in and out of canon quite merrily with plenty of AU in the mix. Having had her life ripped out from under her, Daenerys returns to her small hometown to regroup and attempt to start over. Sansa has been disguised as Alayne Stone for a couple of years.

This story is about Robert allowing Daenerys to live in Winterfell, betrothed to Jon to sully her line, rather than disgrace himself by murdering a baby.

Questa è la mia parodia sulle stagioni 4 e 5 del Trono di Spade e incentrata soprattutto sui personaggi di Ramsay e Theon.

Tyrion Lannister is the mob boss of Westeros Town, trying to right the wrongs his family had done.

He has restored Winterfell and wants to marry Sansa Stark once he discovers she is alive. Updated Summary: Jon and Dany's love story is one they can't avoid, no matter the cost. Eventual endgame: Jonerys (Title : Together we go on in the whirlwind of life Le tourbillon de la vie, Jeanne Moreau) He couldn’t even begin to picture what she had endured, what she had lived through. After Ned takes Jon from the Tower of Joy, he stops by King's Landing to see Robert crowned.

However; once Alayne and Tyrion meet things turn out different from what they expected. What happens when the greatest love story of their lives begins under the least noble of terms? Yet, hearing her pleading in the night, he would give anything to know, to be able to understand her, to soothe her. There, they discover the former Queen had died in childbed.