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Online dating is full of surprises and I would recommend it to use for fun but not for serious purposes. I got my credits within a few hours and they kindly apologized. I went through the process on Victoria Hearts meeting and chatting with several women until I found the one that I really felt a connection with.If you don't trust people in real life it will be difficult for you to believe anything a woman whose photo you like says. The girls are amazing here, young and pretty, very entertaining, so I enjoy chatting when I feel lonely or bored. She and I chatted on the site for awhile until we decided that it was time to meet, so I traveled to Ukraine and spent an amazing 8 days there with her. So gentlemen, Victoria Hearts is a real International dating site with real Ukrainian women.

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I am sure the website will still claim that she is a "validated member"..... The attorney for all these registrations is Stanislav Lobko, a Ukrainian/Russian surname!

You can choose to ignore all this, but to me it stinks to high heaven!

I figured the possibility of actually connecting, and I think I'd rather play the lottery! I have been to Kiev 14 times to meet 8 different woman i met on this site, all nice, all pretty, and all real, and all proper romantic dates.

Ive been site seeing, travelled to other cities, even went to the movies a couple of times,ive also been there for their Christmas period and met family members, all in all had a great time(s).

Here you can register for free you would never be able to register for free in the US or Europe.

I fancy Ukrainians and hope to meet a stunning young lady here and invite her for holidays.

I noticed that there are times where all girls are online.

It looks strange but I guess they do it so more girls can receive messages.

I mean, in the back of my mind I kind was hoping it was real too, at least in the beginning. It's a shame what they're doing on that site. but i would recommend Elena's Models, as it is real women and reasonably priced, about £80 for three months and you can message as much as you like.

After a few weeks on there, I still hadn't met anyone, lol. I met more women there in a few days than I did in a month and a half on Victoria Hearts. After reading some of the other reviews Im glad i just used the complimentary credits and didnt spend any money on Victoriahearts, one poor guy ,000 'holy $#*! You do get 1 or 2 scammers but not many, and they are soon found out and kicked off the site.

So yes Anglo countries are paying these women HUGE money. The women on VH think the guys are ugly, but they keep the con going, because they need the cash! Sure, you can win the lottery too, but would you trade in your job for to be a full time lottery player? Spending way too much money and finally getting to talk to someone who gave me info. These women are either already married, dating or who knows.