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Make sure you read the small print, and read trusted reviews.Buy concert, event, fixture or entry tickets only from official sources such as the box office, sports club or reputable fan ticket exchange site.

It is true, of course, that girls and boys were expected to study different subjects at school.

Boys were encouraged to study for longer and to tackle more academic subjects, while girls were often pushed out to secretarial colleges.

Make sure the shopping website you’re on is authentic and the payment page secure.

You can do this by checking that the address starts with ‘https’ (‘s’ is for secure) and there’s a closed padlock in the address bar, but first, make sure that the web address has been entered correctly as some fake sites change one or two letters in the hope you won’t notice.

One of the interviewees paints a lovely picture of Sudbury, Suffolk where she frequented the Zanzi Bar at weekends. As far as I’m concerned the whole thing was just a media myth.’ Above, shopper in Carnaby Street in 1966By modern standards, however, the girls interviewed in this book emerge as remarkably innocent.

‘It had a jukebox, and we would sit in there for hours, drinking hot blackcurrant and listening to Bob Dylan.’ ‘Swinging Sixties? ‘Not really in my life, but we didn’t live in or around London . The days of sexting and internet pornography were a long way in the future; indeed, compared with their 21st-century equivalents, Hardy’s interviewees led positively cloistered sex lives. But in schools, sex education was rudimentary or non-existent.Take care not to get duped into buying counterfeit products such as electrical goods, designer clothes, cosmetics or other items.Similarly, do not buy them intentionally, as they contravene copyright law, cost the livelihoods of workers who make the authentic versions and can be of poor quality, or dangerous.In an age of unprecedented economic austerity, stagnant social mobility, international terrorism and political bickering, we cannot help but dream of a lost golden age when life was sunnier, simpler, easier and happier.No decade in Britain’s recent history carries quite as much romantic baggage as the supposedly Swinging Sixties.Only by doing this will you know that your tickets exist and are not fakes.