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Anyway if You are just an average guy there are still possibilities to have great parties and great time in Riga.Biggest night clubs in Riga have entrance fee which is between 10 - 20 EUR.In these places You can enjoy beer, relaxed atmosphere and good music.

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But anyway if there will be lines at the club entrance they will move fast.

Your party nights out in Riga You can start on Thursday.

Sometimes these pretty girls will suck out a lot of drinks and get percentage from the bar about bought cocktails Later they will go to "ladies room" and will not return.

At that moment You will realize that this beautiful girl was just working on You.

One of the dangers in clubs are beautiful girls who are hunting good looking and rich men.

If You will meet some nice lady in the club and You will have some drinks together at the bar do not assume that girl is Yours.

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Starting Friday evening everything is opened in Riga. Also recommended clubs are La Rocca revolution and First CNTR.