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They also say Mull accessed human trafficking and sex slave websites.

Authorities have tracked Mull through transportation records to Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, Chicago, California and Hawaii.

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I offer a relaxed, safe environment which nurtures positive growth and change.I will coach, encourage and support you on your personal process and journey.According to police, the woman said Mull choked her to the point of passing out and raped her.She also said he threatened her family and friends, and threatened to use her in human trafficking.There is HOPE for you.""Whether you are struggling with anxiety or depression, life changes or difficulty in your relationship(s) we will work together to identify your goals and lay out a path to achieve them.

I am a down-to-earth and discerning therapist who speaks truth with kindness.The woman told police that Mull was holding her against her will and forcing her to take drugs.Police say she had visible injuries to her neck and a burn mark from a torch on her back.Mull is also accused of forcing women to be his “sex slaves” and presenting them with a “sex slave contract,” referring to them as “his property” and forcing them to take part in sexual acts.Police say they found at Mull’s residence illegal steroids, videos, photos, and sexual paraphernalia.I feel it is important to focus on your strengths and help empower you with awareness and resources.