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She asked me send message before calling, every time I wanted to speak to her, I used to send a message and then call. After two months, she called me and asked me to meet.We met a Coffee shop and asked about her marriage and first night.From then onwards, we used to speak at least 4-5 times a day.

Initially she said no and slowly started showing interest.First, I asked her about her size, she said 38 (her boobs size) then reluctantly asked me about my penny size for which I said 6 inches.Since there was no light, I gently kissed her lips and asked if we can have sex.She said that she will have sex with me after marriage.She expressed her unhappiness and told that she is free whole day and can have sex with me.

Since I stay alone, there was absolutely no problem in having sex.We came to her flat and went straight to bed room and started kissing each other.She hugged me and starting kissing my lips vigorously. After a few minutes, I got a reply with a mobile number and asked me to provide my mobile number and also to send a message and that she would reply. The internet was very slow and I sent a message that internet is slow, can we chat in Gmail.After the movie, I dropped her to her office and returned to my office.