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As the only Certified EFT therapist in Delaware I bring unique experience and expertise in this highly successful model of treatment, helping couples develop stronger, more loving bonds even after serious betrayals and years of disengagement.""Many people contact me in crisis, in pain, in confusion.

I offer same day appointments whenever possible in order to provide a safe space to sort through the most pressing issues, to get some direction, and to reduce suffering.

Please see my website: for a more complete description of my practice""Many people contact me in crisis, in pain, in confusion.

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My work with clients is empathic, collaborative, practical and often involves a deeper exploration of past experiences that shape current thoughts, feelings & behaviors.""The ideal client is willing to work with me to meet his or her goals.

This means that the client will attend sessions and participate in therapeutic work.

Robert Johnson, 45, of Newark, was arrested today and charged with two counts of sexual assault and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child, acting Essex County Prosecutor Carolyn Murray said in a statement. Thursday in the men’s bathroom of the Dana Library at Rutgers University, Murray said.

The victim was later found at Penn Station by NJ Transit Police, who realized something was wrong, Murray said.

Sex Crimes, like rape, date rape, aggravated sexual assault and sexual assault, generally involve some level of non-consensual sexual contact between individuals.

In addition, Sex Crimes also include offenses related to child pornography and Internet sex crimes.

Contact Criminal Defense Lawyer in New Jersey If you have been arrested, charged or think you are going to be charged with a sex crime you need to speak with Joel Silberman as soon as possible to ensure your rights are not jeopardized.

NEWARK — Three days after being released from state prison, a man allegedly sexually assaulted a physically handicapped 14-year-old girl in a Rutgers University library in Newark, authorities said.

He has represented clients in numerous types of cases including criminal sexual behavior.

Sex unlawful acts include obscene presentation, sexual misuse, rape, assault, date assault and related charges.

As a pastoral counselor, my approach focuses not only upon a clinical understanding of emotional distress, but encompasses as well an invitation to the integration of psychology and spirituality in the treatment of mental health issues.