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In that case, the woman told Dyer she was unable to have sex with him but could arrange a meeting with a 15-year-year-old cousin.Dyer went to a prearranged location and was arrested in March by Sheriff’s Office deputies.

After he fled the scene, Marshall sent a "calculated and cynical" message to Mr Fasoli on the Badoo chat line apologising for not seeing him the night before.He allegedly withdrew £400 in cash from the victim's bank and used his card to buy a flight to Rome.The defendant first got in contact with Mr Fasoli through gay social networking site Badoo in December 2012 and offered to set up a threesome, the Old Bailey heard.Marshall arrived at the victim's home at around 7pm on January 6 purporting to be a law enforcement officer kitted out with a police utility belt, handcuffs and a pistol holster, the court heard.One victim told agents that Dyer regularly offered money, clothes, food, and shelter for sex and that she had lived with him for at least seven months. Investigators said Dyer paid the teens 0 to 0 or handed them drugs for sexual relations.

Dyer also outlined the sex acts during jailhouse phone calls recorded by the Sheriff’s Office.He was threatened with a large hunting knife and forced to hand over his cash card pin numbers, the court heard.Marshall muttered "suspect detained" after injecting him with a drug to "put you to sleep while I go to the cash machine", jurors heard.The case was then turned over to federal prosecutors.During the sheriff’s investigation, agents found up to 170 images of teen girls that Dyer had been having sex with at his Melbourne home. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security division and Brevard County sheriff’s deputies found evidence that Dyer induced at least three teen girls to have sex with him.Afterwards, the defendant spoke into his radio saying: "Oscar one, from papa four, ready for transport, over," jurors heard.